Friday, 23 November 2012

French Nails Tutorial

 I've always wanted to make YouTube videos, but it scared me so I decided to take things slow and start a blog, and then make a safe little video... so here it is! I'm really excited to hear your reactions and advice, so please tell me what you think of it! I'd appreciate it if you'd subscribe to my channel (officialDashaLoves) and liked the video on YouTube too!

  I hope you'll find this method useful, especially to those of you who aren't too experienced in doing French Nails, this is a great way to start! All you'll need is the nail polishes of your choice and a rubber or elastic band!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

OOTD- Late Fall

coat: The Bay, boots: Spring, scarf: n/a, jeans: Seven


As we go further and further into November, the weather is constantly getting colder. Although I love December, and the skiing season, I have to admit that I wish I didn't live up North, but rather somwhere closer to the equator! (Florida anyone?) At least our climate isn't as harsh as it is in other places, I've got to give it that! Unfortunately whenever it's sunny (in the winter & fall) here, it tends to be cold, but when it rains, it's warm! (you can imagine how annoying that is and it means that there's little if not no snow) The past couple of weeks have been quite rainy, so on the only sunny day during the week I decided to give you guys a taste of what my favorite (and usual) f/w attire is like!

Revlon "Moss" Nail Polish, NYC "Matte Me Crazy" Mattifying Topcoat

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Summer Throwback

Before I start with my post, I would like to point out to all of my lovely followers and visitors that I now have a bloglovin' button, and it'd be wonderful if you could follow me there as well as on GFC! Thank you all- and now, back to the topic! :)

I've seen thousands of different types of nail art, and I'm a really big fan of it myself. This week I decided to try a design that I've seen all over Instagram, but didn't look too challenging to replicate on both hands. I did these flowers by layering blobs of nail polish with a toothpick, and it's as easy as it sounds! I know that the design is quite summery, but it's my way of channeling its' spirit into the fall, and somewhat continuing the floral trend that was so big during the s/s!

For my background I used Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Nail Color, the base of my flowers was OPI Nail Laquer 'Do You Lilac It?' and on top of that I had OPI Nail Laquer 'Lincoln Park At Midnight'

The finished effect! Naturally they aren't perfect, but it was my first time doing this design, and practice will make perfect! Hope you guys enjoyed this!


Sunday, 11 November 2012

VICHY Purete Thermale 3 in 1 One Step Cleanser Review

I actually first learnt of this product from my mother, who had already been using it for quite a long time. Unfortunately I have no idea of how she came across it, but I'll tell you my story.
Being a dancer, I had to learn how to do my own makeup from a very young age, stage makeup unlike street makeup, has to be very big, and bright. For example, during my year end recitals I was always required to wear white eyeliner on my bottom lash line, and black underneath that, making my eyes look humongous. Also, did you know that dancers can't wear pink lipstick on stage because from the back of the audience, pink lips look blue! Therefore we always had to find the best brick-red lipstick out there, in order to look human.
One time, we were doing a performance downtown in a place without dressing rooms, and due to the limited amount of parking spaces, many of us had to bus, well one of my friends and her sister bussed carrying their costumes and wearing full stage makeup, and the other passengers were looking at their mother like she was crazy!
Anyways, what I'm eventually going to get to, is the fact that I needed a very good makeup remover that would be able to get everything off, and wouldn't leave diluted smudges of colour all over my face. The first few that I tried didn't work very well, and were especially bad at getting lipstick off, they often left my lips and the area around them pink, which didn't really work for me if I was trying to remove a smudge. The more I danced, the more often I had to use them, and soon I developed an allergic reaction to them. That was when my mother told me to try the VICHY Purete Thermale 3 in 1 One Step Cleanser. It's 3 in 1 because it is a cleanser, eye makeup remover, and toner all in one, and is perfect for sensitive and dry skin. I found that PT was perfect for my skin, it didn't irritate it once! PT also has a very nice creamy consistency, it isn't oily, but probably milky instead. The smell too, is very neutral and refreshing. Some makeup removers leave me feeling like I dunked my face into something and can't wash it off afterwards, while others are like rubbing yourself with oily chicken. This one is definitely like neither of those horrid examples! The most important aspect of a makeup remover is obviously how it removes makeup, PT is wonderful at getting layers of it off, and usually doesn't leave any where other products would leave a lot.
I also found some of the ingredients in the product very interesting, this is what the VICHY website says about them, "Captelae™, a Shea plant extract, which works like a micro-magnet to remove impurities from the skin. With Vichy Thermal Water, clinically proven to soothe and fortify skin. Also with vitamin B5 for its moisturising properties. Lightweight non-greasy fluid. No rinsing required." I agree 100% with the non-greasy fluid and no rinsing required part, it leaves your skin feeling great. All in all, I would definitely recommend this product to all of you, and I can freely say that this is the best makeup remover out of all those that I have tried!
Until next time!


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

OOTD- instagram challenge

dress- H&M, coat-The Bay, necklace + shoes + leggings were all gifts

 Lately I've been quite obsessed with instagram and after watching all of my friends do the October photo a day challenge, I decided to give the November one a go. I got a  list of pictures I'm to take throughout month, and one of mine this week happened to be OOTD. Unfortunately I have only one picture, I didn't have the chance to take any more but you can see everything I'm wearing. Anyways I wanted to say that at the end of this month, I'll post all of the pictures that I'd have taken this November but if you're interested, please feel free to check my profile out before then! It's @DASHAI97
Until next time!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Topshop and Topman Vancouver

Last Thursday was the grand opening of Topshop Topman's biggest international location in Vancouver!
As much as I would have loved to have been there, I wasn't able to attend because of school, and this weekend I rushed out the moment I finished all of my homework.

I can easily say that the Topshop exceeded all of my expectations! It was my first time visiting one of their locations, and before that I had only been able to look at their clothing online. The entrance through which I came in was gorgeous, and a lot of the interior was decked out in accents of mirrors and bright light with beautiful lacquered black details. My friend and I were 'talented' enough to get lost in the first two minutes of being inside, but that definitely had to do with the size of the place. Most of it is underground, and connects several big stores and two or so underground shopping centers. 
Now, I must tell you, the clothes took my breath away, they were all beautiful, but some pieces had tiny little details about them, that made them unique. Having quite an eye for shiny things, you can probably imagine how hard it was for me to leave the jewelry stands, and especially those items that were covered in sequined patterns, they seemed so delicate and beautiful! 
I can't wait to go back again, and hopefully I'll even get a haul there someday which I'll be sure to blog about!
This is just a fraction of what we tried on, but are probably my favorites out of all of the pictures.