Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Henna Experience Results

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I was planning on dying my hair with henna, and this weekend I was finally brave enough to do it. I used Lush's Caca Marron, and according to the ladies in the store, I needed to use 4 blocks out of the 6, because my hair is quite thick. I also decided to add some paprika to make the red brighter. 

The process as you can tell is very messy, and difficult to do on your own, I had someone help me and I recommend that you do too. As a matter of fact, Lush offers its' customers a free session where they dye your hair for you, which is wonderful if you can't find any help. I thought that it was all definitely worth the trouble, and I prefer this to chemical dyes by far. Henna gives you the color you want, the chance to adjust it, has numerous beneficial properties for your hair, and comes out after several washes if you don't like it! In other words, everything I could possibly want in a hair dye! Although some people don't like the smell, I actually don't mind it at all. Another thing little thing I noticed was that it seemed to have some strange reaction with my gel, causing it to flake off, but I have no idea what happened there and it probably won't happen with other brands.
In the end, I really enjoyed my first experience of dying my hair with henna, and I recommend it to everyone out there.

P.S.  You can't tell too well in the pictures but I'm ginger now! 


  1. I haven't heard of that product but it must be great!

    1. Its a wonderful method to dye hair, if u ever want to dye or tint your hair, I'd definitely recommend it
      Dasha x