Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Body Shop "Hi Shine Lip Treatment"- Review
 I love natural beauty products, so I really like shopping in stores where they don't use too many harmful chemicals, and I won't have to worry about what scientists may discover about it in 30 years. (basically I'm thinking of those poor people who used to wear lead jewelry and had lead fillings in their teeth and decades later, found out that those things may be killing them)
 ANYWAYS... enough thinking about those stupid fears and back to the actual review! So  a little while back I bought the "Hi Shine Lip Treatment"  from the Body Shop. The shades that were available were quite nice, and I picked the lightest one they had and a slightly darker pinkish purple one.
 Unfortunately the lip glosses disappointed me, they were too sticky... all lip glosses are sticky but with these ones I could barely even touch anything, and whenever my hair got stuck to it, getting it off was horrible. Another thing that I didn't like was that they were too heavy, and that surprised me because what I tend to like about their other products is their lightness. I really like most of the Body Shop's products but I'm sorry  to say that this lip gloss is one I wouldn't recommend.


  1. wow! Looks like a great product! Hope i find some around!

  2. Too bad that lip gloss doesn't work that well, I also love the most of the Body Shop's products...anyway, thanks for sharing :)
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